LED Pixelated Set Electrics
PxL8 is a modular LED pixel tool kit. Affordable rental set electrics configured to your production requirements.
Each unit measures 4.5” deep and 2.25” tall. The following lengths are avaiable:
3 Meter
181 LEDs
2 Meter
121 LEDs
1 Meter
60 LEDs
96 Inch
147 LEDs
72 Inch
110 LEDs
48 Inch
47 LEDs

1 Meter Unit With Optional End Cap
Customized, Seamless Lengths
Unit Specs
Pixel Density 2 runs in parallel & 60/meter

LED Spacing .66 inches

LED Spacing 16.7 mm

LED Protocol WS2812B

Colors RGBA

Wavelength 623/522/472/592

Pixel Grouping 2 pixels wide-fixed. Grouped in
lengths of pixels as desired.

Diffusion Polar White Lucite

Finish Matte black powdercoat

Watts / foot 7.6

Watts / meter 25.6

Input Voltage 90v - 240v

Power Connector In Powercon Blue

Power Connector Thru Powercon Gray
Data Cable Type CAT5

Data Connector Ethercon

Heat Dissipation Aluminum heatsink

Housing Carbon Steel

Hang Mouting Rear, threaded 1/2-13 insert,
multiple mechanical attachments

Floor Mounting Either end, 3/8-16 threaded end cap
Pixelator Rack
Decoding Enttec Pixelator with ethercon patch bays

Network LAN Required

Input Protocols Artnet, sACN, Kinet

Cable Type CAT5

Connector Ethercon

Fixture Parts 24

Control Source LED mapping software, lighting console

Set Electrics